Import email addresses from Excel/CSV - How to?

How can I import email addresses from an Excel/CSV file?


  • Login »  Surveys »  Send »  Email Management »  Email list
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  • Click on Email Lists
  • Click on Create New Email List
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  • Under Upload Email Addresses (CSV / Excel File), select the File Format from the drop-down and click on Choose File to select excel file and Upload it.
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What format should the file be in?

The file should be in Excel (.xls) or CSV (.csv) file format. If you have Excel 2007 then please save the file as a .xls file i.e. Excel 2003 or earlier format. All Spreadsheet Application Softwares have the option for saving files as .csv files. Your data in the file should confirm with any of the format option as below:

License Level: Web Professional
Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
Email First Name Last Name
License Level: Corporate / Enterprise
Column 1Column 2Column 3Column 4Column 5Column 6Column 7Column 8Column 9Column n
EmailFirst NameLast NameField1Field2Field3Field4Field5
EmailFirst NameLast NamePasswordField1Field2Field3Field4Field5
EmailFirst NameLast NameField1Field2Field3Field4Field5Field6Field(m).
EmailFirst NameLast NamePasswordField1Field2Field3Field4Field5Field(m).
EmailFirst NameLast NameAddress Line1Line2CityStateZip Code
EmailFirst NameLast NameAddress Line1Line2CityStateZip CodePhoneIP Address

Correct format for the "Notepad" file:

You can also upload from Notepad (.txt) file. The email addresses and custom variables must be in the following format: email_address, first_name, last_name, custom1, custom2, custom3, custom4, custom5 For example:, Kevin, Battey, Nick, Smith, Tom, Russell
Please see Personalize emails to your distribution list help file (referenced below) for more information on how to use the custom variables uploaded with the email addresses.

How can I save an Excel file to a CSV file?

The Excel File should be in the following format:

Click on the File menu in Excel and select the Save As option.

Select the File Type as CSV(Comma Delimited)and click on the Save Button.

Compliance format for the email address file:

  1. There should not be any Spaces in the email address field
  2. The email address should be in plain English. The FIRST / LAST NAME variables and Custom Variables support multi-lingual characters.
  3. There should not be any Commas within the CSV / Excel(.xls) file

I am trying to upload multilingual variables but they don't get uploaded properly.

When uploading multilingual variables make sure you use an Excel file. A .csv file doesn't support multilingual characters.

To track e-mail addresses / Custom Variables please use the Respondent Tracking link when sending emails via SurveyAnalytics Email Management.
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